Altamedics represents a number of pharmaceutical companies and is a distributor of original and generic medicinal products in Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia. We are not the largest company, but we are exceptionally flexible. Indeed, we accept obstacles as a challenge.

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"Feeling strong, moving forward"


Altamedics is a diverse group operating in the pharmaceutical markets of various countries.


We began operations in 2007, during a turbulent period of global recession that was not supportive of start-up companies. We believe our success to be the fruit of our desire for continual development coupled with inherent perseverance and simple hard work.


We represent and market medicinal products under our own brand as well as the medicinal products of other manufacturers.


We have achieved success independently, by strengthening long-term business connections and partnerships in product development, distribution, and marketing. The number of projects and partners in our portfolio continues to grow.


Effective and high-quality medicinal products are crucial for the health of patients. In order to ensure safe use, every company in the industry must establish a system of pharmacovigilance that continually keeps pace with scientific and technical prog



The future belongs to those who are flexible. We are always on the look out for new opportunities and aim to discover medicinal products that we feel have great potential.

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"Attracting new opportunities"


At Altamedics, we do not distinguish between small and large partners. We do not select between more or less profitable products. Altamedics is focused on ensuring high quality, safety, reliability, and responsibility throughout the distribution channel – all the way from manufacturer to end-user.

It is on such a foundation that we have built Altamedics and will continue to upgrade our mission in the healthcare systems of the countries where we operate.



At Altamedics our primary concern is the health of patients. Being a responsible company, we comply with all the requirements of European and Slovenian legislation and regularly monitor the pharmacovigilance of our medicinal products on the market.

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"Quality and safety: our mission and guarantee"


What is pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance rules are necessary to protect public health. They serve to ensure the detection, prevention, and evaluation of adverse reactions to medicinal products, as the full safety profile of a product can only be known after it has been released on the market.


What is an adverse drug reaction?

An adverse drug reaction is a response to a medicinal product that is noxious and unintended. Experts monitor adverse reactions already during the development of medicinal products, as well as after the product has been launched on the market.

At Altamedics we are aware of our responsibilities with regard to ensuring the safety of medicinal products, and in this light we fulfil a number of obligations:

  • We monitor our medicinal products and detect any changes that could affect the risk-benefit balance.
  • We scientifically assess information about our medicinal products and take appropriate measures.
  • We ensure that the public is provided information on our medicinal products objectively and in a manner that it is not misleading.
  • We collect and evaluate adverse reactions to medicinal products and report such to the competent authority.
  • We maintain a risk management system for each medicinal product.
  • We prepare periodic safety update reports containing information needed for scientific evaluation of the risk-benefit balance.
  • We ensure regular and appropriate training of our employees in the field of pharmacovigilance.


Altamedics strategically covers the German, Slovenian, and Croatian markets through its warehousing capacities in Neunkirchen and Ljubljana. We maintain a high level of expertise, with an emphasis on the quality of our medicinal and healthcare products. Altamedics ensures optimal conditions for warehousing and distribution in compliance with GMP / GDP regulations.

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"Reliably distributing, distributing reliability"


Our clients are wholesalers, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies.


We are committed to excellence in providing high quality medicinal products, competitive prices, as well as prompt and reliable service to our customers in the countries in which we operate.


We offer our partners high quality logistics and rapid distribution.



We cooperate with numerous partners. We learn a great deal from such cooperation, while at the same time we wholeheartedly invest our own knowledge and experience in our partnerships.

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"A dynamic partnership that comes to you"


Cooperation with partners is of crucial importance at Altamedics. We appreciate each one individually and celebrate joint successes. In the past, these have not been few, therefore we constantly strive to increase our number of partners and gain new ones. We are aware that without such collaboration, it would be impossible to pursue our goals and improve processes.



Initiating our success in the most challenging industry in the world, in terms of technology and regulations, was a challenge without compare. This would not have been possible without a team that accepts the vision of overcoming entrenched mindsets and appreciates the need to constantly expand our horizons.

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"Inspiration that dares"


Initiating our success in the most challenging industry in the world, in terms of technology and regulations, was a challenge without compare. This would not have been possible without a team that accepts the vision of overcoming entrenched mindsets and appreciates the need to constantly expand our horizons.
Altamedics follows the principle that the future of the pharmaceutical industry lies in smaller, dynamic, goal-directed companies that understand the issues of local health care systems, while focusing energy and knowledge on ensuring and delivering medicinal products of the highest quality.


We believe that the future is in the hands of those whose business model embraces the principle "Adapt Locally – Succeed Globally".


In today's era of rapid change, only the most flexible companies can hope for a competitive and prosperous future. The individuals working for Altamedics do not fear these changes. On the contrary, we welcome them, which is reflected in both our processes as well as actions. Like inventors and researchers, we are aware that there is always a more effective approach – we will always find a better way.


The future begins today – and we were ready for it yesterd


We develop trends

Altamedics's vision as a company is to stay a step ahead of the competition in the fields where we are most recognised and to develop our activities in such a manner that we can adapt and respond to any challenge.

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"Bridging the gulf between trends"


We have no desire to dwell upon the pharmaceutical industry of the past. We are already in the future. Given the times in which we live, our stance is based on our adaptability and responsiveness to needs and changes. We overcome any mindset anchored in the past, and instead map out Altamedics's path to future success.


We don't want to merely stay in touch with the competition, but to stay one step ahead. We identify the directions that will develop business and at the same time ensure the highest standards of quality.


ALTAMEDICS GmbH, Deutschland

ALTAMEDICS d.o.o., Slovenia


ALTAMEDICS d.o.o., Croatia

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Meet us


TechnologiePark Köln
Eupener Strasse 135-137
D-50933 Köln
Tel.: +49 (0)221 277 299 100
Fax: +49 (0)221 277 299 110



Šmartinska cesta 140
1000 Ljubljana
tel: +386 (0)1 320 06 60
fax: +386 (0)1 320 06 65



Arch. Makariou III Avenue. No 5,
P.O. Box 51930
3509 Limassol, Cyprus
tel: +357 2 510 73 90
fax: + 357 2 510 73 91



Vrbani 4
10 110 Zagreb
Tel : +385 1 3702 860
Fax: +385 1 3702 342

"Healing Today, Feeling Tomorrow"


Altamedics's most valuable asset is its personnel. With their expertise, knowledge, and spirit, they have greatly contributed to the fact that today the company is a recognised brand in a number of countries.

"Executive team"


Founder and CEO of Altamedics


After graduating with a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, in 1993 Mr. Kiridžiev began his career in the pharmaceutical industry.


For the last two decades he has worked on numerous pharmaceutical projects in the area of portfolio development, designing strategies for entering new markets and advertising campaigns for medicinal products.


Mr. Kiridžiev's desire to create new added value in the distribution and marketing of medicinal products led to the idea of establishing an international business model that stresses flexibility and adaptability to the changing pharmaceutical markets, while recognising that ensuring the highest quality products and responsibility towards patients are the key factors of success. Thus, in July 2007, Altamedics was born.


Today, six years since the establishment of Altamedics, Mr. Kiridžiev is proud to say that he has learned a great deal, and that knowledge and expertise has made Altamedics a fast-growing company – a niche specialist that provides the highest level of distribution and marketing services in the pharmaceutical industry.

"Executive team"


Managing Director of Altamedics Slovenia


Mrs. Ferenčak is responsible for expanding Altamedics's business in Slovenia, maintaining strong relationships with the health authorities and other institutions, as well as for implementing our sales strategies in the hospital and retail segments.


She graduated with a degree in Biology from the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. Her rich international career working for market leaders in both innovative and generic pharmaceuticals began in 1998.


With her extensive international experience and enthusiasm, Ms. Ferenčak has played a major role in creating a dynamic business environment and ensuring adherence to Altamedics's business philosophy of staying "a step ahead" of the competition.

"Executive team"


Quality Assurance Manager and Responsible Pharmacist in Altamedics Slovenia


Mrs. Pilih began her career in the pharmaceutical industry in 2000, upon graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Prior to joining Altamedics, she worked on a variety of pharmaceutical projects involving the largest innovative and generic producers. She joined Altamedics in 2008 and coordinated the process of establishing the quality assurance system at Altamedics. Today, Altamedics is a respectable distributor and supplier of medicinal products to hospitals and pharmacies.


With her motivation and exceptional organisational skills, Ms. Pilih has made finished product quality and distribution services Altamedics's top priority – and, at the same time, our guarantee and motivation for continuous development in this segment.

"Executive team"

Gabrijela Tevž

Managing Director of Altamedics, Croatia


Mrs. Tevž began her professional career in the retail pharmaceuticals field upon completing her education in 1992.


In the more than two decades since, she has gained vast experience in the wholesale and distribution aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, working at every level from retail up to the largest wholesalers in the country.


Her rich experience and impressive ability to forecast, plan, and optimize stock in the distribution channel have provided Altamedics with fresh opportunities and a new dimension in understanding the Croatian market - have positioned Altamedics as a leading supplier of niche medical products in Croatia.